OPEN was published in November 2013. It has its own dedicated website.

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Praise For Open......
"David Price’s book Open is just the kick up the backside that learning organisations have been waiting for. This funny, personal and to-the-point tour of the informal social and digital learning that’s all around us is exactly the high-voltage reality-check all us teachers need."

Prof. Guy Claxton
“OPEN is an incisive and highly readable analysis…It looks at how the mass collaboration made possible by the internet has transformed the way we live, work and learn. Very strongly recommended”

Lord David Puttnam
"OPEN is a tour de force that is by turns inspiring, shocking, highly entertaining, but above all practical"

Mark Stevenson, Author of 'An Optimists Tour Of The Future'
Open Explained
OPEN in Russian
Disengagement - The Epidemic Sweeping The Workplace


Going Open
After you've read the book, put it into action........
As a result of the success of the book, I've frequently been asked, what does it mean to 'Go OPEN', and why is it a necessary step for successful organisations? I've taken the key principles in the book and turned them into a range of 'change ideas' that your organisation can adopt.

Going Open isn't for the faint of heart, but by doing so, your people will be more engaged in work that matters, and your leadership team will be able  to build a culture of learning and constant innovation.

Contact me to discuss Going Open as a change programme, a series of workshops, or simply a challenging presentation.