Training For Organisations

Depending on the size of the group - I lead training with groups as small as four or five, but more often with anything up to 100 - I will either facilitate the masterclass or workshop alone or in tandem with a colleague from We Do Things Differently.

A masterclass usually lasts a half-day, consisting of a presentation followed by some hands on activities that explore key issues in greater depth. 

A workshop can be either one or two day's duration. It will be designed to engage groups in solving-problems,  or building a culture of purpose, learning and continuous improvement
“David Price is brilliant at galvanising large groups of people from different sectors to unpick current challenges and come up with new approaches and practical solutions fit for the times.”
Dusseldorp Skills Forum

Sample Training Offerings For Organisations

Design Your Future  (Workshop)
The best, tried and tested, 'design thinking' techniques to help make organisations future-proof. We help you identify where you need to be over the coming weeks, months and years. And because you need to understand what’s likely to hold you back, we take you through a process that goes deep on problem-finding. Once we know where you want to be, and why you want to be there, we help you design your future, using creativity and innovative thinking, to prototype solutions. And sometimes we do all this in a single day (though two days is better!)

The Science Of Improvement (Workshop)
A step-by-step guide to achieving continuous innovation and maximising capability. Taking inspiration from management greats like W.E. Deming, this process helps your people 'get better at getting better', applying disciplined innovation techniques through cycles of rapid prototyping. Improving by increments can bring about wholesale transformation, if enough people are focussed upon what has been described as 'the aggregation of marginal gains'. We'll show you how.

Learning - The Only Sustainable Advantage (Masterclass)
There is a clear and direct link between an organisation’s capacity for innovation and their ability to learn. So why is building a vibrant learning culture on so few CEO’s to-do list? This masterclass builds upon the ideas in OPEN, drawing a through-line from learning to success, via innovation and engagement. x§zYou will leave inspired to make learning the #1 priority for your organisation, with a road-map of how to do it!

People-Powered Innovation - Maximising Human Capability (Masterclass)
Users are transforming innovation in every sector, and businesses can’t hope to compete with innovation that’s people powered. That’s why over half of Proctor & Gamble’s new products are ‘proudly found elsewhere’. But what’s the next frontier in people-powered innovation, and how can the characteristics of user-led innovation be brought back into the organisation, so that every worker is maximising their creative and innovative capability? This masterclass looks at how users are leading the way in innovation and will inspire you to unleash the innovative capacity of your people.