I've never given the same keynote twice. Each talk is crafted following an extensive briefing call with the client, identifying the challenges they face and the outcomes they want to see. Sometimes, however, clients benefit from seeing a sample of areas covered. Please see below for current topics, and events and endorsements  for client feedback.

Sample Topics:


  • Unleash Your Employees Potential – Disengagement in the workplace is an epidemic that curbs our potential, kills creativity and diminishes productivity. Learn how to unleash your employees potential through practical strategies, with inspiration from Thomas Edison, W.E. Deming and Homer Simpson.
  • Building A Culture Of Constant Innovation – How to shift innovation from a one-off, top-down event, into part of your DNA. They key lies in how you facilitate professional learning, eliminate silos and create a culture of trust.
  • The Workplace Of The Future - Automation, Smart Robots and Artificial Intelligence are about to fundamentally change the way we work. How ready are you? Why do we still go to a place called ‘work’ and what’s going to replace ‘the job’?  This talk will help you future-proof your talent management, retention and loyalty. 
  • Going ‘Open’  – practical strategies that build upon the themes of ‘OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live and Learn In The Future’. Knowledge is now found everywhere and it’s shared socially, instantly. By contrast, the workplace is locked-down. While your employees are working in silos, when they’re not in work, they’re collaborating with people around the world. And it’s pointless guarding your intellectual property - you can’t keep secrets now, anyway. Your only job, as a leader, is to build a culture that promotes autonomy, learning and collaboration  - everything else will take care of itself. So, why is it so hard to do?

  • Future-focussed Schools – Schools and colleges that judge  success by their exam results are not preparing their students for the future. Employers are increasingly not interested in what applicants know, but rather in what they can do with what they know. The radical changes in how we learn socially, and in how we work, are not being reflected in our learning environments. This talk sets out a vision for future-focussed education.
  • The Shape We’re In – How great schools and colleges around the world have radically  redesigned their buildings, structure and culture to enable mid-21st century learning. Inspiring learning environments have redefined their physical, technological and philosophical purpose in order to stay relevant to their students lives and their wants and needs in an increasingly unpredictable future. The global learning commons is here - don’t get left behind.
  • Innovation in  Learning Leadership – How to learn from the most innovative organisations in the world, and  unleash the potential of your educators. David shares the secrets of the great innovators of the past and present: Edison, Musk, Deming, Dewey, and others. You will see how the leading companies and colleges have gone SOFT, and you’ll come away with realisable strategies for leading through turbulence.
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