I've been training practitioners for over 25 years. That's a lot of workshops and masterclasses, in a lot of countries. As with my speaking work, the emphasis is upon engaging people while delivering content that will change the way they work.

We learn best through doing. So, my training work is very different  to the way I approach making presentations. There are some people for whom a training workshop is simply an opportunity for an elongated speech. That's not how I work. 

Instead, attending one of my masterclasses or training workshops will give you a set of tools that you can take back into your daily work. That might be techniques you can use to ensure that everyone in your organisation is clear about your purpose. Or it could be a 'hackathon' that draws upon the best of design thinking to make innovation  part of your culture, not an ad-hoc event reserved for 'creatives'. Perhaps it's about building organisational capability through the science of improvement. More often than not, it's a set of tools and strategies designed especially for your particular group of staff to meet their challenges. 

Whatever activities we engage your people in, you can be sure that they will be able to apply what we've practiced into their work the very next day - and they will have been left with practical, copyright-free resources and materials to support them.

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